Exploring your AON

Your AON comes with features such as the heated chamber and independent extruders not available on other 3D printers you may have used, and with it comes some additional facts you'll need to know. We'll continue to add to this page over time, so please check back occasionally to see what has changed. 

Recommended material profiles to get started can be found here.

Part Cooling Fan

Each toolhead has its own part cooling fan controllable independently through the command "M106 Px Sx". 

Replace Px with P0 for the T0 cooling fan and P1 for the T1 cooling fan. 

Sx, where x is any value between 0 and 255, controls the strength of the airflow via PWM. Anything below 150 may not deliver enough power to run the fan at all, so we recommend setting values greater than that. 

The Simplify3D GUI interface in the control panel does not support multiple fan control, so you will need to manually enter the commands in the "Communication" tab. Simplify3D also does not support G-code generation recognizing more than one fan, so the T1 fan will need to be activated manually by sending a command during an active print job. 

Heated Chamber

The chamber heater can be controlled by calling T2 before setting the temperature. For safety's sake, the chamber heater fans will always activate whenever the chamber heater elements are activated and will remain on until manually turned off with the command "M106 P2 S0". 

Duplication Mode

When you're making several copies of the same object, you may choose to use AON's duplication mode. Simply set up the print as if you're printing a single object with T0, and send "M605 S2" manually before starting the print. The firmware will take care of the rest. 

When arranging the models on the build platform in Simplify3D for duplication mode, make sure that it is contained in the T0 (left half) of the build platform, else the duplication may start printing off of the bed on the T1 side. 

To return to regular dual extrusion mode, reset your AON, or send the command "M605 S1". 

The S0 variant of M605 is not used. 

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