Water-Cooling Circuit

Power down the AON before proceeding. 

For this step, you will need: 

  • A friend
  • 3mm hex key (for M4 SHCS bolts)
  • Socket wrench for M4 nuts (7mm) if you have them, or just a pair of pliers. 
  • Distilled Water*, 1 gallon+

*More details below. 

The first step is to mount the pump and radiator assemblies to the rear panel.

Starting with the fan/radiator assembly - take 4 of the included M4 SHCS and nylock nuts, and a friend. Take the SHCS bolts, push it through the top row of holes on the assembly mounting bracket, and push it through the holes near the centre of the rear panel. The other person will reach inside the printer with the nuts to fasten them on to the other end of the bolts. Hand tighten using the hex key and socket wrench/pliers. 

For the pump, take 2 of the included M4 SHCS and push one through each L-bracket, and then push it through the remaining rear panel holes. Similarly as before, the other person will reach inside the printer with the nylock nuts and hand-tighten. You may need to slightly loosen the bracket-to-pump bolts to align the bracket to the rear panel mounting holes. 

Spares are included with the mounting hardware, do not worry if parts are left over. 

Finally, take 3 pieces of the provided tubing and connect the pump, radiator, and inlet/outlet holes in the rear panel as shown below. One piece of tubing is included as a spare. 

Reversing the rear panel inlet/outlet does not have an impact as long as the following order holds true: AON > Radiator > Reservoir > Pump > AON. 

The next step is to fill the cooling circuit. Unscrew the cap at the top of the reservoir, and power on the AON. 

*The components have been specifically selected to avoid galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals, but a loss in performance can still occur due to the possibility of scale and algae buildup. You must use only steam-distilled water (cheaply available at your local grocery or hardware store) to fill the lines. 

The water pump is not designed to run dry (with no water inside the reservoir), so in order to fill the lines, you will need to top up the reservoir, run the pump briefly to flush, turn the pump on, top up the reservoir again, and repeat the process until the lines are filled. To turn the pump on and off, simply plug and unplug the power connector coming off Harness #3 (refer back to the previous step for a reminder). 

Once the pump can run continuously without the reservoir being drained, the process is nearly complete. As air bubbles are flushed from the lines, the water in the reservoir will be frothy and also slowly drain. Continue to run the pump and observe the reservoir levels for about 10 minutes, topping up water levels as necessary. 

After 10 minutes, it is safe to replace the reservoir cap screw. Over the first 10 hours of operation and periodically afterwards, check the reservoir levels to ensure it is not running low. The tubing is not 100% impermeable to vapor so low levels of evaporation will occur over time within the heated chamber. 

Next, we'll install the bed. 

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